Standard Teardrop

The Teardrop is a wonderfully accomplished small instrument. Quieter than the other Bear Meadow models, it is still quite a bit more powerful than most other dulcimers.

Due to its shape, it has the quality of letting each note have a remarkable clarity. This is especially valuable for players who primarily strum, as it allows each drone note to stand out distinctly. The teardrop seems to do this by not integrating the tones into a chord to the degree that the hourglass shape does. It is also a little more accentuated in the bass region that the hourglass, making it an excellent instrument for complementing the brighter singing voice of a tenor or soprano.

The Teardrop is also often chosen by those who want a dulcimer they can bow, as the slightly narrower main bout accommodates the bow quite easily.

Please understand that if you have a preference in figure or other matters regarding the materials, it will be taken into account. But the voice and the luthier's aesthetics will govern the final choice of all materials.


  • Overall length: 37"
  • Overall height: 3"
  • Height of rib: 1-3/4"
  • width at major bout: 7-1/4"
  • Fretboard length (nut to tailpiece): 30-1/2"
  • Vibrating string length: 27-5/8" (customizable to 26" or 26-7/8")


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