How to Order a Bear Meadow Dulcimer

To place an order for a dulcimer or equipment:

  1. Choose the dulcimer model or equipment you are interested in.
  2. See the Price List for the model, optional equipment or accessories you wish.
  3. Contact me to discuss the dulcimer model you need and the custom-voicing to your musical requirements. (Every dulcimer I make is custom-voiced for its owner -- no extra charge!) Here are three ways to reach me:
    ° Telephone - (585) 288-5031
    ° E-mail - Contact Us

    ° Postal Mail:
    Dwain Wilder
    289 Rich's Dugway
    Rochester NY 14625
  4. Make a deposit. This is a 15% non-refundable deposit, and guarantees your place on the Build List. You can make your deposit in a couple of ways:
  • U.S. Mail (preferred for domestic payments). Send check or money order, payable to "Dwain Wilder," to the above address
  • Or you can send funds to "" on-line using easy, secure-access PayPal. Due to fees charged, I ask that only international clients use PayPal, unless there are special circumstances.

Please note that I am currently taking orders for delivery in about half a year for the Standard Series and a year for the Concert Series.

I hope you don't find the wait discouraging. Think of it this way: you can order with just a deposit (I actually prefer to keep the deposit as small as possible -- just enough to know my client is in earnest about getting a Bear Meadow, and so I don't tie up your money), then use the waiting time to save up the rest of the price.