Caspari Pegs
(Adjustable friction Pegs)

Caspari Adjustable Pegs are no longer being made. A limited supply is on hand, which will be used as called for. These are very good looking mechanical pegs, and look like rosewood pegs. The difference is that there is a small clutch inside the peg.


You can adjust the grip of this clutch with the adjusting screw at the end of the peg handle. The clutch can be adjusted so that it is just holding the string tension. With the string tension and clutch tension balanced like this, tuning the peg is almost effortless. And there is no tricky "setting-in" the peg to lock its position as with wooden pegs.


Getting into tune is made very easy with the fine tuners shown at left. These are little trapezoidal buttons made of ebony which are installed on each string between the saddle and tailpiece. They are on a ramp, so as you slide them away from the saddle, the string tension increases. This gives you about a half step adjustment and very fine control. These fine tuners are standard equipment on all Caspari Caspari Pegs, and standard wooden pegs.

These are very high quality Caspari pegs, imported from Europe. There are several inferior brands on the market which have given Caspari Pegs a bad name. These are the very finest.

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