Planetary Pegs

A Tuning mechanism that is a beautiful alternative
to the wooden peg.

Pegheds® have the look and feel of the traditional ebony tuning peg, but engineered inside the metal and plastic body is a tiny planetary gear movement. This 4:1 gear gives a tremendous advantage in ease and accuracy in tuning, the same advantage given by other planetary gears in banjo tuners.

In addition, the amount of holding friction of the gears can be adjusted just as you would on a wooden peg: as you tune, simply press in slightly to increase friction; draw the peg out just slightly to decrease friction. Usage is completely intuitive.

But wait, there's more! These planetary tuners not only return to the traditional look and feel of fine ebony wooden pegs, they are also much lighter than the brass and steel banjo tuning machines commonly found in dulcimers; with Pegheds® your instrument now has the physical balance your visual intuition naturally expects.

See the photo at left for a typical installation; at right is a diagram of the tiny but rugged interior gear mechanism of Pegheds®. They have been in use for decades in the world of classical music instruments. They are elegant, simple, and reliable. Violinists, cellists, and other stringed instrument players have relied on them in the most demanding music and performance settings. We custom install them for a fine fit and finish.

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