Acoustic Pickups
for Bear Meadow Appalachian Dulcimers

Bear Meadow offers two top-rated piezo-electric transducers. One of them will be perfect for your musical needs.

For studio and performance we chose Fishman, the originators of piezo-electrics for musical instruments, to design our pickups because of their transparency. You can lean into the strings and not sense a point where the sound has lost its acoustic, "woody" nature and "gone electric." The clear, sweet crispness of the Bear Meadow dulcimer is preserved throughout the pickup's dynamic range.

For the demanding requirements of noisy environments such as street busking, the RMC will give maximum power and transparency. If interface to synthesizers is required. the RMC PolyDrive Preamp/SynthOut can be added. (See diagram at left for details of PolyDrive controls.) Because of space limitations, the RMC equipment is only available in Concert Series (including Concert Teardrop and Concert Hourglass).

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