Studying at the Bear Meadow lutherie studio is a rich experience.

Bear Meadow is located in the midst of a large park, and the atmosphere is Rochester, New York at its gorgeous best. The environment around the house and the park is very relaxed, informal and full of charm. Inside the Lutherie Studio, of course, we are hard at work!

These are programs are suited a variety of needs and aspirations. There are three programs of study, one of which is likely to suit your needs. If you don't find the one you want, contact us and we'll design a course together for you!

And private lessons means that you are assured the experience will be personal and responsive to your skill level and aspirations.

The Apprenticeship Program is an opportunity to study the art of lutherie in depth, learn how to manage a lutherie studio, and emerge with the skills, many of the major hand tools and building jigs and moulds, ready to set up business as an accomplished dulcimer builder.

The Studio Building Classes moves one quickly through the process of building dulcimers, in three steps of increasing accomplishment and complexity. One graduates from this cycle at a Master level of Appalachian dulcimer building, with a complete set of hand-made dulcimers, including the widely acclaimed Bear Meadow Concert Grand.

The NDS Dulcimer Building Class is a week of lutherie, peaceful surroundings and good fun in the beautiful Adirondak region of New York State.

Dulcimer Workshops are offered at various places around the Northeast and upstate New York. If you would like to have me conduct one or more workshops near you, I always welcome the opportunity.

Meet the Teacher

If you would like to learn a little more about Dwain Wilder and his teaching style, see About Bear Meadow>>Dwain Wilder.

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Studying at Bear Meadow