At Bear Meadow we offer an apprenticeship program designed for every level of skill and aspiration.

Through this program the apprentice learns not only the Bear Meadow method of achieving results in stringed instruments but, furthermore, how to develop one's own musical intuition and sensitivity. The result is an artisan with a mature sense of his or her own inner way of working, in addition to a detailed understanding of the Bear Meadow way.

Our aim is that the Apprentice who has completed the Bear Meadow Program will be able to directly set up a lutherie studio and produce Appalachian dulcimers of high quality, or go on to further studies in the art of lutherie. The Apprentice completing a session will have rights to copy and use the designs, jigs and templates used in the session.

The Bear Meadow Apprenticeship Program consists of four Sessions, representing a complete course of study:

Initiate Session is an introduction to the basics of practice in an artisan's lutherie.

Advanced Session carries on from the skills, abilities and duties of the Initiate Session, and adds a more advanced practice of these and other skills.

Journeyman Session brings the Apprentice to journeyman standing as a dulcimer maker.

Master Session In the Master Session, the Apprentice will emerge as a functioning luthier with a body of work for sale, an established reputation in the market, and an acknowledged "Master of Bear Meadow." (Established luthiers may enter the Advanced Session followed by the Master session. Please inquire for more information about entering the Apprentice Sessions as an established luthier.)

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Meet the Teacher

If you would like to learn a little more about Dwain Wilder and his teaching style, see the Menu item About Bear Meadow>>Dwain Wilder.

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