Taking a class at Bear Meadow is a very rewarding way to build a dulcimer. It is also an excellent education in the art of lutherie. And the dulcimer you build yourself will be one you play with unique pleasure--you will know every stick of wood in your instrument, why it is there, what its contribution to the sound is, and all its little quirks and special virtues.

Every Bear Meadow class is founded on sound principles of lutherie. We want you to know how to make superb musical instruments, and to acquire a foundation in lutherie which will serve you well for further work. In our Master Class, for instance, you will build a dulcimer in the ultimate art of this instrument.

The Bear Meadow Dulcimer Building Classes are private unless participants agree to study together. In such cases, class sizes are limited to no more than three students.

Introduction to Dulcimer Building - Getting to know the art of lutherie

Intermediate Lutherie - Building an advanced model dulcimer. The Intermediate Lutherie Class is the core of the curriculum. Graduates will have every skill and necessary knowledge to move directly into building dulcimers professionally.

Advanced Class - Learning to practice state-of-the-art lutherie

NDS Class - Dulcimer building in the beautiful Adirondaks

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Meet the Teacher

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