The Bear Meadow Dulcimer Building Classes are available by arrangement. The classes are private unless the students consent to a small number (two or three) studying together.


Classes usually begin on Monday at the Bear Meadow lutherie studio in Rochester, New York. The class week is six days. Although no accomodations are available at the studio itself, we will try to be helpful with finding modest arrangements close by for out-of-town students. A Meal Plan is included in the fee, featuring vegetarian breakfast and lunch.

Classes at my studio will be held from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, with two breaks for lunch and walks (the studio is surrounded by a beautiful park). Please notify me of absences, out of courtesy and respect for the work. Some evening sessions may be arranged if necesssary to complete the class goals.

Enrollment in the NDS Class is through the Northeastern Dulcimer Symposium. For more information, please go to the NDS website, or e-mail the Director.


The classes usually span continuous weeks, without breaks or deferred time other than holy days and national holidays. Exceptions can be made as needed, of course.

Fees are non-refundable and due one month before the start of the class. The fees include all materials, but components (mechanical tuners, acoustic pickups, cases, etc) are charged separately, as they are a matter of the student's choice. See the Bear Meadow Price List for component prices. Classes are as follows:

Studio Classes
Introductory One Week $1000
Intermediate Two Weeks $2000
Advanced Four Weeks $5000

To make arrangements for classes please contact me at Contact Us.

Payment can be made by check or money order made payable to "Dwain Wilder" and sent to:

Dwain Wilder
289 Rich's Dugway
Rochester, NY 14625

To avoid Paypal's excessive fees, please do not use Paypal unless you are outside the U.S., in which case this may be the the best option. Paypal payment can be made by sending funds to ""

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