In the Master Session the Apprentice works as a partner in the luthier shop for six weeks.

The teacher-student relationship resolves into a peer relationship. The Master Apprentice establishes his or her own practice, become a functioning luthier in his or her own right, with trademark and wares to be sold. With the help of the teacher, the Master Apprentice develops his or her own market presence in the dulcimer world, an acknowledged "Master of Bear Meadow."

The goals of the Master Session are

  • The Apprentice will design and build a family of body molds representing the models he or she wishes to bring to market. The teacher helps with the fabrication of the metal findings for these.
  • The Apprentice will use his or her own tools to craft mountain dulcimers, working in partnership with the teacher to produce materials, aid in each other's work, producing a starting set of dulcimers to bring to market.
  • The Apprentice may accompany the teacher to dulcimer festivals, selling as an independent luthier under his or her own mark, and assisted with sales and display by the teacher.
  • The Teacher and the Apprentice will be working both independently and in mutual aid, according to the best practices regarding the work at hand.

    The Apprentice will be acknowledged as having learned fully all the lutherie craft as known by the Teacher.

The Master Session Apprentice's responsibilities are

  • Work with other apprentices and students in the studio.
  • Work with the Teacher in all phases of the production process.
  • Produce advanced dulcimers worthy of a Master of Bear Meadow.

To arrange for an apprenticeship see Arrangements & Fees

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