At Bear Meadow we offer an apprenticeship program designed for every level of skill and aspiration.

Initiate Session is an introduction to the basics of practice in an artisan's lutherie.
Advanced Session carries on from the skills, abilities and duties of the Initiate Session, and adds a more advanced practice of these and other skills.
Journeyman Session brings the Apprentice to journeyman standing as a dulcimer maker.
Master Session In the Master Session, the Apprentice will emerge as a functioning luthier with a body of work for sale, an established reputation in the market, and an acknowledged "Master of Bear Meadow."


Each of the Apprenticeship Sessions last four contiguous weeks, and can be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the student and the teacher. Ideally, the session is a continuous run, although other needs will be respected, of course. Interrupted sessions can be arranged as necessary.

The sessions are held at the Bear Meadow lutherie studio in Rochester, New York. Although no accomodations are available at the studio itself, I will try to be helpful with finding modest arrangements for out-of-town students. A Meal Plan is included in the fee, featuring vegetarian breakfast and lunch.

Apprentices may keep whatever hours suit them during normal business hours, though of course it is recommended one take full advantage of this opportunity. Please notify me of absences, out of courtesy and respect for the work. Some weekend access to the studio may be available by arrangement.


Each Session consists of four weeks.

Fees are non-refundable and due one month before the start of the Session, and are as follows:

Apprenticeship Sessions
4 weeks
4 weeks
4 weeks
6 weeks

To make arrangements for the Apprenticeship Program, please contact me at Contact Us.

Payment can be made by check or money order made payable to "Dwain Wilder" and sent to:

Dwain Wilder
289 Rich's Dugway
Rochester, NY 14625

To avoid Paypal's excessive fees, please do not use Paypal unless you are outside the U.S., in which case this may be the the best option. Paypal payment can be made by sending funds to ""

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