The Journeyman Session is designed to finish the apprentice's education as a journeyman dulcimer maker. Four week session.

The goals of the Journeyman Session are

  • The apprentice will design and build a body mould
  • The apprentice will also hand-make chisels, knives, scrapers and assemble a complete kit of hand tools, with the guidance of the Teacher as needed.
  • The apprentice will use these materials and moulds to build an Appalachian dulcimer.
  • Though the Teacher will be available, the Apprentice will be working independently.
  • The Apprentice will learn how to produce ornamentation as found in the Bear Meadow Concert Series dulcimers.

The Journeyman Apprentice's responsibilities are

  • Help direct and supervise other Apprentices
  • Produce advanced materials
  • Assist the Teacher in all phases of the artisan process.

To arrange for an apprenticeship see Arrangements & Fees

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