The Initiate Session is a four week introduction to the basics of practice in an artisan's lutherie. The Apprentice acquires fundamental skills and applies them in studio practice to produce materials ready for use by the teacher and apprentice.

The Goals of the Initiate Session Apprenticeship:
  • Learn the skilled use of all tools in the studio.
  • Master the lutherie manner of working wood.
  • Understand the basics of tonal and vocal qualities in the dulcimer.
  • Master the production of tonewoods and other elements of the dulcimer.
  • Understand conceptually the physical basis of music.
  • Set action, intonation and compensation of a musical instrument.

The Apprentice will build a Bear Meadow Student's Teardrop during in this Session.

The Initiate Apprentice's duties are to:

  • use the skills acquired to produce materials ready for use by the teacher
  • assist with dulcimer creation as called on to do so
  • keep the shop floors and workbenches clean and orderly.

To arrange for an apprenticeship see Arrangements & Fees

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