The Advanced Apprenticeship Session carries on from the skills, abilities and duties of the Initiate Session, and adds a more advanced practice of these and other skills. The duration is four weeks.

The Apprentice will work directly with the teacher. The goals of the Advanced Session are to acquire these skills:

  • Judging tonewoods' voicing, shaping the voice for specific instrument requirements.
  • Become adept at carving the scroll peghead and tailblock, and other fine carving on the Appalachian dulcimer.
  • Production instrument work and final outfitting.
  • Finishes and application methods, and production quality finish.

If the Apprentice wishes to build a musical instrument, a Standard Hourglass will be assigned, and assistance from the Teacher will be available as needed. This instrument will be assembled from materials produced from raw stock by the individual Apprentice during the course of his or her work.

The Advanced Apprentice's responsibilities will include

  • Producing and tracking of materials through the production process, ensuring that a supply of ready materials is maintained.
  • Primary responsibility for assigned production stages
  • Assist in shopkeeping.

To arrange for an apprenticeship see Arrangements & Fees

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