Here are a few tools and kits for building dulcimers and other stringed instruments.

  • Install FlexiFrets A kit for do-it-yourself FlexiFrets
  • Retro-fit Fishman pickups A kit for do-it-yourself installation of the custom-made Fishman peizo-electric pickup used in Bear Meadow Appalachian dulcimers
  • Bear Meadow Custom Fret Templates Custom-cut to scale lengths of interest to dulcimer makers as well as other instrument builders, with a nice feature for easy cutting of diatonic scales and their various "extra frets".

Hi Dwain, Just a quick line of thanks for using your expertise to create the Bear Meadows Fret Template at such a reasonable price.

Prior to getting this template, I had been laying my fretboard blank next to the fretboard of a completed dulcimer of the same VSL and copying the locations. I always seemed to experience a little drift no matter how much time I spent rechecking. An investment in a set of 12 inch calipers didn’t help much either, but for about what I spent on the calipers, your template did the trick.

Not only is it easier to use, I spend a lot less time checking my work, because my first use proved it to be dead-on accurate. I would recommend it to any dulcimer builder – or any luthier, for that matter.

Terry Cannon

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Bear Meadow Tools
for Dulcimer Builders