Let's go over in detail the items you will find in the installation kit.

Each FlexiFret Installation Kit contains all the materials of the usual FlexiFretKit:

  1. A lined plastic box
  2. Instructions for use of FlexiFrets
  3. Insertion/removal tool
  4. Pipe cleaner for maintaining the inside of the channel
  5. One fret piece for each FlexiFret, and one spare
  6. A short piece of FlexiFret channel to be used as a gauge. This will be marked black, and it will be used in troubleshooting.

In addition, these will be supplied for each FlexiFret to be installed:

  1. Brass channel
  2. Installation Jig:
  • Surface harness plate
  • Channel internal yoke
  • Elastic band

These materials will enable you to install the channel flush with the fingerboard surface. We will go over their use in detail.

The brass channel is a square tube with a slot milled into the middle of its top face. Your fretwire's tang is a slip fit into this slot.

The Installation Jig is a flate aluminum bar you will fasten yo the brass channel securely to a establish a reliable reference surface, relative to the top surface of the fingerboard. This flat plate will ensure that the channel is sitting level with the top of the fingerboard when you glue the channel into place.

The Jig's internal yoke is a small square tube which fits inside the channel. It is longer than the channel and notched at both ends.

Here is a view of the Jig's parts. The small cloth-covered elastic band is used to strap the channel to the Jig's aluminum plate ("base plate").

Here is how it goes together. First, you insert the yoke bar into the channel, orienting the notches in its end down and the slot in the channel up.

Next, you place the base plate on top of the channel, that is on the slotted face of the channel. Fit the elastic band into one notch in the yoke bar, give it two or three twists to increase tension. Bring it over the base plate, fitting it into the grooves at the plate's corners, and over into the notch at the other end of the yoke bar.

Next we will turn to cutting the slot.

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