The Introduction to Lutherie class guides you through building a mountain dulcimer entirely from raw materials, no matter how unfamiliar you may be with tools and working with wood.

The student is introduced to each skill necessary to make a Student's Teardrop. This Appalachian dulcimer is a fine musical instrument that sits in the collections of some of the dulcimer's foremost players.

The completion of this dulcimer is but the surface, below which the student acquires a solid understanding of some of the fundamental arts of lutherie. In this course you will:

  • Choose tonewoods for their contribution to the voice of the finished instrument.
  • Use the primary tools of woodworking and lutherie to create a fine musical instrument. (No scroll carving is involved in the Student's Teardrop.)
  • Apply a fine, attractive high quality finish.
  • Create an accurate fretboard which will allow an incredibly low action.
  • Accurately set action, intonation and compensation.
  • Install and dress wooden pegs to exacting standards

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