EVO Gold Frets

EVO Gold frets are made from a new alloy -- harder than normal German silver frets -- Silicon/Copper/Iron/Titanium. EVO Gold frets are between 18% nickel/Copper/Zinc German silver and stainless steel on the Vickers Hardness scale (German silver: 200; EVO Gold: 250; stainless steel: 300). There are several reasons to consider EVO Gold:

  • If you find you need new frets sooner than other players
  • Excessive fret grooving on frequently played positions
  • Sensitivity to nickle or German Silver
  • EVO Gold is also recommended if you choose more than one or two FlexiFrets.
  • EVO Gold frets are a wonderful warm gold color (the color of the alloy, not a surface finish color) that harmonizes beautifully with the American black walnut of the Bear Meadow fretboard.

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Click to see full size (Note the FlexiFret installed on the second from left fret)