FlexiFrets® (U.S. Patent 5,952,593) are frets which can be inserted and removed quickly and easily. This new development in fret technology makes it possible for the first time to enhance your diatonic fretboard--even completely reconfigure it if you want to.

Using FlexiFrets, you can insert the extra frets you need for a performance set, to make a quick key change during a jam session, or to try out an innovative arrangement that requires some little-used half-frets in the key best suited to your voice. FlexiFrets are just like conventional frets, except they can be easily inserted and removed, using a fingernail or an insertion tool (which is supplied with the frets).

With FlexiFrets installed in your favorite half-fret places, you can have them available when you want them, without having them as a distraction when they aren't needed. The integrity of your dulcimer as a modal, diatonic musical instrument is preserved, and you still get the flexibility of having the accidental sharps and flats you occasionally need, on the strings you need them.

There are a variety of ways to use FlexiFrets, and a variety of kits designed for most purposes. Click here to see the kit descriptions.

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Removable Frets from Bear Meadow