Although using recordings to compare musical instruments is chancey business, these examples will at least give you something of the voice qualities of the various models, and enable you to make a little sense of verbal descriptions of them.

What they won't demonstrate, of course, is the great responsiveness and play action of Bear Meadow dulcimers. For that, I hope you can find me at a dulcimer festival, or find a Bear Meadow owner near you. Contact me if you want help laying your hands on an actual instrument near you.

 About the
 About the
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Baby Grand,
RMC Pickup

 James & Melissa, Laliya

Laliya Beach


Weave video
Weave on youtube


  Standard Hourglass

Concert Hourglass

 Barley Break

 Fair, If You Expect Admiring

 I Care Not for These Ladies

 O Mistress Mine


Thomas Wheat, Apprentice


Hell Up Coal Holler

 Red Buck (Medley)

Love Has a Life of its Own


 Song of the Hills

 Shady Grove

 WXXI News Rochester, NY

Isobel Neuberger with
Wilder & Monroe

Dulcimer Building

  Standard Hourglass

 The Hog Went Through the Fence Yoke & All

 Five Miles From Home

 Old Aunt Jenny With Her Night Cap On
MusicLady Carol Walker The Vacant Chair
Little Red Bird
Paul Furnas & Ron Beardslee

About the audio files.

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Musical Selections
Bear Meadow Appalachian Dulcimers