Carol Walker is a gifted teacher, multi-instrumentalist, composer, stylist and professional performer. See her website for an idea of the range and richness of her talents.

To feature her new Concert Grand and the Standard Hourglass she acquired a few years ago, Carol has put together a traditional tune and a few songs from her research into the music of the Isle of Man, off the English coast.

It is not well known that Manx is a little explored branch of Celtic culture, alive and well on this small island. Carol's study and her upcoming book introduces Manx music to the larger musical world. These excerpts will tug at your heart.

"Alas! The Horse Is Gone" is Carol's new CD with some of the music from her book of Manx music. Go to for both the book and the CD. Here are some samples!

These selections are performed on Bear Meadow Standard Hourglass and Concert Grand (redwood top).

For one of the songs, "Arrane Ghelbee", Carol restrings the Concert Grand as an AEA baritone. As you will hear, the Grand's intonation accurate and voice quality is wonderful in this alternative set-up (a feature made possible by the Bear Meadow's low action and precise fret placement).


  1. "Arrane Ben vlieaun (Milking Song)", on the Standard Hourglass tuned to DAD, no capo; an arrangement of a Manx traditional song.
  2. "Arrane Ghelbee (Water Kelpie)", on the Concert Grand, as Baritone tuned to AEA, capo at 1st diatonic fret; Another Manx song.
  3. "Manx Lullaby", on the Concert Grand tuned to DAD, in D Major; Another traditional Manx song
  4. "Gyn Ennym (Un-named Jig)", on the Concert Grand tuned to DAD, capo at 3rd fret; Another traditional Manx jig
  5. "Little Red Bird", on the Concert Grand tuned to DAD, capo at 1st fret.

Carol Walker
"Musiclady Carol"

Bear Meadow