"Hell Up Coal Holler," Lorraine Hammond, Gerry Milnes. Lorraine uses a Swan with spruce top.

Lorraine writes of this album, "The driving sound of fiddle and dulcimer has a long West Virginia history. When Gerry and I met at a festival several decades ago, we started right in playing the old tunes with a joy that we have never lost. For the most part Gerry has the lead here, and I delight in finding the rhythmic and harmonic strength on the dulcimer to complement his great fiddling. As my source of these tunes, and as folklorist for the Augusta Heritage program at Davis and Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia. Gerry is uniquely suited to write the liner notes that follow."

"Red Buck/Jodie/West Fork Girls", A medley of old tunes from West Virginia that fit together very nicely.

"Hell Up Coal Holler," Lorraine Hammond, Gerry Milnes. Shanachie, 1999, Shanachie Cat No. 6040. (You can order the CD from Lorraine or Shanachie.)

"Hell Up Coal Holler"

Bear Meadow