"The Hog Went Through the Fence Yoke & All," Don Pedi and others. ) Don uses a Standard Hourglass.

Don Pedi writes in the liner notes, "Most of the tunes presented here were made known to me through my association with Bruce Greene, who lives in Celo, Yancey County, North Carolina.

"Bruce is an exceptional musician in that he learned countless archaic tunes, as well as less familiar versions of more familiar tunes, directly from older generation master fiddlers...

"When the tune plays itself, you are truly playing music... These tunes are filled with the vitality of a living musical tradition. The lap dulcimer is the voice I choose to keep them alive."

"Old Aunt Jenny With Her Night Cap On", A dulcimer version of a tune Bruce learned from Estill Bingham of Pineville in Bell County, Kentucky. Dulcimer: DDGD.

"Five Miles From Town", I heard this tune played on the fiddle by Clyde Davenport of Monticello, Kentucky on his "Clydeoscope" album which is available from County Records, in Floyd, Virginia (#788). Dulcimer: AAAD.

"The Hog Went Through the Fence Yoke & All," Don Pedi and others. © 1995, Class IV Productions. (You can order the CD from Don Pedi at (828) 689-9126.)

Don Pedi
"The Hog Went Through the Fence, Yoke and All!"

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