Carol Walker's songbook "Tailless Tunes: Manx Music for the Mountain Dulcimer" and a CD features songs from her research into the music of the Isle of Man, off the English coast.

These samples are performed on Bear Meadow Standard Hourglass and Concert Grand (redwood top).

For one of the songs, "Arrane Ghelbee", Carol restrings the Concert Grand as an AEA baritone. As you will hear, the Grand's intonation accurate and voice quality is wonderful in this alternative set-up (a feature made possible by the Bear Meadow's low action and precise fret placement).


  1. Work and Play Medley
  2. Song of the Water Kelpie
  3. Manx Music Box
  4. Maid of Port Y Shee
  5. Little Red Bird
  6. When I was a Little Boy
  7. Washing Song

Carol Walker' New CD!
"Alas! the horse is gone"

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