Rough Carving the Pegbox

Rough carving now begins. Shown here is the state we wish to bring the peghead to in this step.

This is where we begin. All the waste that can be taken off with the bandsaw has been removed. The peg alley is complete. There is one more bit of waste to be removed, at either lip of the peg alley.

We remove these blocks of waste by sawing down the outside wall of the peg alley, using a tenon saw. Then we knock off the waste with a few strokes of a chisel and mallet.


Here the waste has been removed and we begin rough-carving the horizontal flare of the small gestural scroll at the heel.


We further refine the flare with the gouge. The aim here is to simply suggest the final curve, so that as little as possible remains of rough carving after fabricating the body. Completion of this carving brings us to the state shown at the top of the page. We are now prepared to address the scroll spiral.

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