Preparing Hide Glue

It is very important to formulate your glue preparations carefully, so that you can depend on the working characteristics. (Urea is used to slow the setting time. It is available from gardening supply stores.) We use three different preparations of glue for building:

Weak Hide Glue Formula
Use for gluing on top, and
temporary glue jobs

 Water 80 grams
Hide Glue 20 grams
Urea 1 grams

Strong Hide Glue Formula
Use for general body glue-up
and any job that needs an extended
"open" time (about 15 minutes)

 Water 45 grams
Hide Glue 45 grams
Urea 2 grams

Fast Hide Glue Formula
Use for jobs where high
strength is required, and
set-up can be quick. For
this preparation, use Knox
Unflavored Gelatine. (Sorry,
folks, it's hide glue!)

 Water 35 grams
Gelatin 7 grams (1 packet)
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