The Appalachian dulcimer is often considered a quiet musical instrument. But a superior mountain dulcimer has great dynamic range, easy action and exciting responsiveness.

The Bear Meadow Appalachian dulcimer will support quiet, sensitive moments in the music with superb projection, as a whisper heard at the back of the concert hall. And, of course, it will respond with brio when the artist leans into it, expecting power.

I work closely with each client to ensure that you get the right Bear Meadow model for your music, and that it is voiced and set up to complement, augment and embody your musicality, your playing style and your aesthetic taste.

Here are some of the leading elements that contribute to shaping the voice of a Bear Meadow Appalachian dulcimer:

  • Design Bear Meadow's design, founded on the Sunhearth dulcimers built by Dwain Wilder's teacher, Walter P. Martin, has earned universal praise for the wonderful voice of Bear Meadow Appalachian dulcimers.
  • Shape's contribution to voice must be considered.
  • Taptone testing is used to begin the specific voicing of each dulcimer.
  • Fretboard design ensures accurate pitch and low action all the way to the highest note.
  • Dynamic construction methods combine all these elements to yield a powerful musical instrument.
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Achieving a Powerful
Mountain Dulcimer